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Business Financial Protection

What would happen to your business if you died? Is there enough cash in the business to keep it running for an orderly sale? How would your family or other stakeholders be protected?

Many business owners feel as attached to their businesses as they do to their families – and often the two are combined through family ownership.

All too often the most valuable of your assets has no protection in place. We can create schemes that protect you, your family and other shareholders. In the event of  a shareholder death how can you make sure your family benefit from the value of the business, and make sure the shareholding and future control of your business falls in the right hands? Will you want your wife or children to run your business? Will your co-shareholders want this?

In the event of your death, an insurance policy will pay out, and the proceeds will be used by other shareholders to pay your family and ensure your co-shareholders have control of the business going forwards.

We are more than happy to work with your accountant or legal representative to make sure our plans meet your requirements. 

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As well as protecting the shareholders what if you were off work long term through illness? What would happen to your business if key staff died? How can you help attract staff with protection and benefits packages? Some ideas are detailed below.