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26 Eastwood Road, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7JQ
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Financial Advice

Before we provide advice it is vital that we know your circumstances and requirements. To obtain these our first meeting is always at our expense and no cost to you. This may typically last up to two hours if a full financial planning review is required.

Our Terms Of Business document sets out the types of service we offer and the price, which reflects the level of complexity and work involved to deal with any particular enquiry. It is therefore very difficult to even estimate the price until we have sat down with you. We will NOT however, ever commence chargeable work without you being aware and agreeing to the basis of our charge. In most cases we can still levy our charge against any product we recommend, so please ignore the media who imply that simply walking through our door will cost you directly. Please ask us if in doubt.

We deliver two main types of initial advice and three levels of on-going service. We provide full Independent Financial Advice in simple products that are price sensitive and vary constantly, such as annuities, life assurance and equity release products. Our service in areas that are more complex and that require significant research and understanding is on a Restricted Advice basis. This means that at a centralised level we research the whole market, thoroughly scrutinise products or funds and decide which ones to offer. This ensures we maintain high standards, reduces the risk of us recommending unsuitable products and allows us to offer these services at a lower cost.