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Personal Financial Protection

Personal protection is probably the most under purchased financial services product, and yet it offers excellent peace of mind. The loss to your family in emotional terms is enough to cope with, so any help to remove financial worries – should the worst happen to you or your partner – is an enormous benefit.

There are many different types of policy available and the wrong plan or the plan not being set up correctly could cause significant problems with the amount of cover or create tax problems. It is VITAL therefore that you seek proper Independent Advice when setting up a life policy. This is normally paid for by the commission of the policy, rather than via a separate fee.

As well as protecting your family in the event of your death, you can also provide for yourself in case of illness. How would you cope if you suffered a critical illness? Or were off work long-term? Adequate protection for you and your loved ones is absolutely vital for modern families and provides peace of mind.

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